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Space startup

Do you love space? Think galactic and create your own space startup!

Australia has blasted off into the ‘new space age’ and there are loads of homegrown new-space pioneers on the science startup scene, too.

Find your passion

Flavia Tata Nardini is the co-founder and CEO of Fleet Space Technologies. After an illustrious international career as a space engineer and business developer, Flavia moved to Australia.

She wanted to keep working in the space industry, but there weren’t a lot of local companies to choose from. “So I decided to build my own,” she says.

Cosmic view

Flavia started Fleet Space to create a digital ‘nervous system’ to connect every device on Earth to satellites through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The launch of Fleet’s first four shoebox-sized satellites, called cubesats, was a first for an Australian private company – and Flavia plans to grow the constellation to 140 satellites.

“It will have a profound impact on the way we manage energy, water and resources,” she says.

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The time is right!

There’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs in the space sector in Australia, says Flavia, but you need to have tech and biz know-how. The business side is more important – but you don’t have to do it on your own, she says. “Find a business partner that completes you. Together you can understand both parts of the equation.” And thinking big is a must.

“Space entrepreneurship is a big step into the unknown. Keep the ambition very high – the higher the better,” Flavia says.

Flavia’s study and career pathway to becoming co-founder and CEO of Fleet Space

  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, University La Sapienza, Italy
  • Masters of Space Engineering, University La Sapienza, Italy
  • Consultant CubeSat Development, University of Adelaide
  • Propulsion Test Engineer, European Space Agency, Netherlands
  • Co-founder and CEO, Fleet Space, Australia

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STEM stars in startups

These three Aussie space entrepreneurs are doing incredible things… Could you be next with your space startup?

Dr Anastasia Volkova (FluoroSat)

Anastasia is an aerospace scientist and engineer who founded her Sydney-based startup to improve food security with data from drones and satellites. “I believe the world can be a better place if we make smarter decisions,” she says.

Dr Alex Grant (Myriota)

Electronic engineer, entrepreneur and researcher Alex co-founded Myriota to pioneer a new way of sending information between nanosatellites and devices worldwide. “Ninety per cent of the Earth’s surface lacks connectivity,” he says.

Dr Patrick (Paddy) Neumann (Neumann Space)

Paddy is a physicist and aerospace engineer who started Neumann Space to commercialise his research into miniature electric propulsion systems for spacecraft.

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Space 2021

Nadine Cranenburgh

Author: Nadine Cranenburgh

Nadine is an electrical and environmental engineer who works as a freelance writer and editor. She loves creating articles and content about exciting and complex technology.


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    • Hi Ash – there’s plenty of competitions out there – you could try the Re-engineering Australia Foundation, Australian Science Innovation’s Big Science Competition, ANSTO’s hackathon and many more competitions and events in National Science Week. I also encourage you to check out the UNSW Bragg Student Science Writing Competition on this site!
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