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Can I change my preferences after ATAR?

Now you’ve finally got your results, you might be wondering if you can change your preferences after ATAR

ATARs are out this week and whatever the result, big-ups to you for surviving Year 12 exams!

If you didn’t get your first choice of uni, did better in your exams than expected, or have changed your mind since you put in your preferences, we have good news: you can change your preferences both before and AFTER receiving an offer.

And if you are considering changing your preferences, it might even be worth aiming for a course with a slightly higher ATAR than you have. Why? Because enrolments are down this year, meaning some unis may reduce their cut-offs to help fill places.

So get hustling: after round one offers there’s a two-day window for changing preferences. You ultimately have until March to settle on the course of your dreams. And even after that, once you’re at uni you can usually switch courses.

Have a question about changing preferences that an internet search won’t solve? We’ve got in-depth information on ATARs and receiving and deferring offers here.

Still questioning your after school life choices? Try one of our quizzes.

So over ATAR and considering non-uni options? Don’t stress, your ATAR really isn’t the final call.

And here’s a fun fact: More students are accepted into university without an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) – a number that indicates a student’s position relative to all students in their age group – than with one.

Changing your preferences and understanding university offers can be difficult! Check out our study pathways hub to load up on info.

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