Kickstart your career in economics… now!

Career in economics

Ready to take the next step? And the one after that? Start building your career in economics today!

It’s time to be a self-directed learner. Not all education happens at school or uni! Learn economics in your own time with these free online resources:

RBA Resources
The Reserve Bank of Australia has a whole raft of free materials online, including explainers, videos and digital interactive activities to help you understand important economics concepts.

University of YouTube
How amazing is YouTube? No, not the cat videos – the cool (and free!) educational materials. For example, you can watch a full set of lectures from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) microeconomics course with Professor Jonathan Gruber, right now from home. #MindBlown

Not quite ready to level-up to full uni lectures yet? Try the short, easy-to-understand CrashCourse economics playlist here.

The Economist magazine
Bookmark and stay up to speed with global economics-related news.

The Economists podcast
Plug into ABC Radio National’s The Economists podcast, which “uses the tools of economics to shine a light on life”, with new episodes airing every Thursday a 5.30pm.

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After school

Most economists are university qualified, but that doesn’t mean your exact path is set in
stone. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Most universities offer a Bachelor of Economics, which is a pretty obvious starting point for a career as an economist! Generally, advanced maths and English are prerequisites.
  • Consider giving your career a STEM+X edge with a double degree! You could combine economics with another area you’re passionate about like mathematics, law, science or computer science. Alternatively, you could choose a different undergraduate degree and upskill with a Master’s or Graduate Certificate in Economics.

Explore economics

Hear from real economists and find out more about careers in economics at:

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Economics 2022.

Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma is the Managing Editor of Careers with STEM magazine. She has previously worked as Digital Managing Editor at Australian Geographic and a staff writer at Cosmos science magazine.


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