Career with maths

career with maths

Show me the money

Whether it’s designing shopping malls or tracking customers’ buying habits, you can cash in on a career with maths.

1 Street cred

career with maths

Maths behind it: Urban planners use geometry to determine the best location for shopping malls, and the homes, streets, utilities and public amenities that feed into them.

2 Building buzz

career with maths

Career with maths: From initial design to detailed blueprint and estimating the cost of a build, maths is an architect’s best friend. It is also vital for identifying potential structural flaws.

3 Water wise

career with maths
Job: Hydrologist

Maths behind it: These aqua engineers calculate how much water the buildings need the pressure it needs to be at and where it can be pumped from.

4 Tour guide

career with maths
Job: Cartographer

Career with maths: This map-maker uses algebra, calculus and trigonometry to create virtual indoor maps displayed on locator stations throughout the mall.

5 High flyer

career with maths
Job: Air traffic controller

Maths behind it: Geometry and calculus help to manage planes at take-off and landing, and to monitor aircraft as they travel the skies.

6 Out of sight

career with maths
Job: Optometrist

Career with maths: Precise measurements of the eye are used to calculate the types of lenses people need to correct their vision.

7 Trend tracker

career with maths
Job: Market research analyst

Maths behind it: Analysts use algorithms to identify shoppers’ buying patterns, including how they buy, where they buy and what they buy.

8 Buyer’s market

career with maths
Job: Purchasing agent

Career with maths: This agent ensures a business has the goods and services it needs to operate and must negotiate the best price for them, so they must be up-to-date on price trends.

9 Cool designs

career with maths
Job: Artist

Maths behind it: An artist uses maths to calculate dimensions, such as object spacing, angles and shapes, to make sure an image looks as appealing as possible.

10 Makes scents

career with maths
Job: Chemical engineer

Career with maths: This engineer calculates the making, combining and testing of compounds that will create a new fragrance, eyeshadow or lipstick.

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