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Quiz: What’s your science career?

Careers in science

Looking for careers in science? In can be tricky knowing what exciting area to really sink your teeth into. There’s awesome opportunities in food science, so much to explore in medical science, and new roles developing in space science all the time. And that’s not even scratching the surface of all the cool science careers that are out there, waiting to be discovered by YOU!

To make things slightly easier, we’ve whipped up this quiz to help you find your dream science career.

Tell me more about science gigs!

We’d love to! Here are some of our most popular stories involving science careers:

The A-Z of science careers – discover a whole heap of job options in this science careers list. Some of these careers are tried and true (when you study biology, you can become a biologist, duh!), but some options may surprise you!

Science + innovation = cool combo – science isn’t all research and academia – commercially minded scientists are turning their inventions and discoveries into real-world products and successful businesses all the time.

Jobs in food science – can’t choose between science or food? As the taco girl says – why not both…

5 jobs you could land with a space science degree – RMIT University’s brand-new Bachelor of Space Science will have you ready to launch into any one of these awesome space jobs!

5 awesome jobs you could get with a health science degree – these careers merge science with improving the lives and wellbeing of others, and all start with a health science degree!

These pros are killing it in science careers

Did you know we have a careers profile hub that’s bursting with stories from scientists who are loving their jobs and giving ALL the advice on how you can follow in their footsteps?

We’ve spoken to conservationists, water scientists, astrobiologists, entomologists, instrument scientists, veterinarians, immunologists and scientists working at places like ANSTO and CSIRO. The list goes on!

Check out the full list of science profiles – you’re bound to find some words of wisdom from someone in your dream career.

Want even more science?

Make sure you flick through the latest Careers with STEM: Science magazine. Inside, you’ll find the periodic table of science careers, deets on animal conservation, scientists solving pressing global challenges through creative innovation and industry collaboration, plus ways to combine science with your passion (whether that’s health and fitness or starting a business)!

After more of our fun STEM quizzes? Head to our quiz page to find out everything from what app you should develop to which YouTuber you are!

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