Careers with STEM 2017

Careers with Code 2017

Google and the Commonwealth Bank have come together with STEM publisher Refraction Media to spark inspiration in all students by distributing 100 free copies of the Careers with STEM magazines to every Australian high school.

Today, girls are three times less likely to continue with maths beyond Year 10 than they were a decade ago. While enrolments in ICT and engineering careers are slowly rising, they fall far behind many other subjects despite being the biggest growth employment areas.

Careers with STEM looks at how students can combine skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) with students’ interests, (their ‘X’). You can search the degree finder, articles and profiles of people working in STEM by looking at their interests, whether that’s in being creating, social change, sports, business or more.

Careers with STEM shatters stereotypes about careers in tech. In the magazines and website, you’ll find stories that focus on combining STEM skills with students’ hobbies and interests, their goals, or a whole new field of interest. Like Charne Esterhuizen from MAAK Clothing, who uses 3D-printing to create fashion without waste (Careers with Code). And sports performance analyst Daniel Pelchen (Careers with Maths), who combines maths skills with sports.

Careers advisors, STEM coordinators, librarians and head teachers across IT, TAS, Maths and Science can use their 100 free copies of the Careers with STEM magazines for:

  • Relatable, real-world role models in careers that use STEM skills
  • To show study pathways, including 1000 searchable STEM degrees
  • To accompany class activities linked to STEM + cross-disciplinary teaching

Careers with STEM is supported in the classroom by free, Australian Curriculum-linked teacher hub and posters, sponsored by the Department of Education and Training.

Inspiring the next generation of STEM skilled graduates requires us all to engage in the conversation. Take action to create STEM change in your school.

Heather Catchpole

Author: Heather Catchpole

Heather co-founded Careers with STEM publisher Refraction Media. She loves storytelling, Asian food & dogs and has reported on science stories from live volcanoes and fossil digs


  1. I teach Primary school and we need to get kids interested here not just at high school
    I would like a free class copy of magazines please for my students in year 5.
    I have 30 students.

    Currambine PS

    • Hi Chris,
      The magazines should have arrived at your school office – we address them attention to heads of science, IT, maths, and also careers advisors and librarians…check with your school office to see where they may have directed them. You can also subscribe here: to ensure you get a copy each term or to order class packs. If you’d like to email us directly, we can also check on the delivery. Thanks for writing in and hope you enjoy the magazine.


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