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Careers with maths – advice from the IAG Perils team

If you love maths or are looking for what exciting careers with maths are out there, check out this video!

The IAG (Insurance Australia Group) Perils team, Phil Conway, Michaela Dolk, Sylvia Wang have shared their STEM experiences with us, what they wish they’d known back in school, why they think maths is super important and their top tips for anyone considering a STEM career.

Careers with maths – more choices than you think!

If maths is your jam, you’re in luck! There are so many exciting and different maths careers out there. You could be a…

  • Carpenter
  • Data analyst
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Furniture designer
  • Investment analyst
  • Meteorologist
  • Pen tester
  • Teacher
  • UX designer

Just to name a few! If you want to read more about exciting careers with maths, we made a list of every maths jobs we could think of.


Did you know that STEM skills will underpin most jobs of the future, and they may not be what you think? Using the STEM + ‘X’ formula, where ‘X’ is your passion, you can create your very own dream job that’s also future proof.

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And maths is an awesome way to combine STEM with a subject or area that you love. You could combine maths with sport and become a sports statistician, or mix maths with fashion to become a fashion designer.

Want more amazing STEM videos and advice from people working in science, tech, engineering and maths? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the webinars, interviews and latest career info.

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