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Produced by experts in STEM and supported by today’s biggest employers, CareerswithSTEM.com reaches 1 million students annually in person, in print and online. Here’s 5 reasons to sign up to our e-newsletter!

Our aim is to inspire students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and we believe everyone should have access to and representation within STEM careers.


Australia faces a massive challenge in building the technology workforce needed for the future. 1.3 million tech workers will be required by 2030. Employment in STEM occupations in Australia will grow by 12.9% by 2025.

However, only 22% of high school students (and 8% of females) are choosing STEM degrees or courses. Research indicates this is due to a lack of awareness, outdated perceptions of the jobs or that they don’t ‘see’ themselves in these careers due to lack of diverse role models.   

Careers with STEM is published by Refraction Media. Meet the team behind it here.

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