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Quiz: Which Careers with STEM 2022 issue should you read?

The school holidays are here so start compiling your summer reading list

There’s no better time to read your way through the entire collection of Careers with STEM e-magazines! They’re free, you can view them on your phone, tablet or computer, and they are packed with all the career inspo you’ll ever need. They’re even more perfect to take a look at if you’re setting new year’s resolutions around big goals for the future. Knowing what path you want to take after school can help with choosing electives, uni or TAFE selection, and keeping focused throughout the new school year.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created this quiz to help you pick which of the Careers with STEM e-magazines you should start with – Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths + Data. (But we think they’re all amazing, so you should really read them all!)

Careers with STEM e-magazines

You can check out our entire back catalogue of Careers with STEM e-magazines over here. If you prefer print, simply add your favourite issue to cart and we’ll have it shipped to you.

Careers with STEM: Cyber Security
Careers with STEM: Cyber Security

Below are some more issues from 2022 you might like to add to your reading list too.

Careers with STEM quizzes

If you’re looking for more quizzes to bust your school holiday boredom, here are some of our most recent:

Love Careers with STEM e-magazines? Check out our Job Kits too – they are eight-page deep dives into specific careers in science, tech, engineering and maths.

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