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The Careers with STEM hub is a student-focussed website that includes surprising STEM careers pathways, insights into the future of work, 100s of diverse STEM role models, teacher and students events, a back catalogue of Careers with STEM magazines, student career quizzes, videos interviews and much more. Careers with STEM was founded and is published by Refraction Media.

We connect with hundreds and thousands of students, teachers and parents and are the experts in STEM content.

Want to license the content from Careers with STEM? We can help!

Our content syndication service offers you access to real-world STEM stories from diverse cultures, genders, backgrounds and regions. Plus, we have stories proven to connect with youth and education demographics across a wide range of STEM topics, from the purpose of maths to imposter syndrome in STEM, busting engineering myths, emerging STEM trends and career options.

Careers with STEM content licensing options include:

  • – Video
  • – Photography
  • – Profiles of STEM professionals
  • – Youth and educator focussed STEM stories

Contact Karen Taylor-Brown to discuss your licensing and syndication requirements:

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