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Find our top e-magazines of 2023 here – and read ’em for free!

Careers with STEM magazines

You’ve been loving the 2023 issues of Careers with STEM magazine and here they all are in one place!

It’s been a big year at Careers with STEM and it’s been exciting to bring you all the latest on everything from jobs in Defence to economics, and ways to combine your passion, hobby or interest (your ‘X’) with a super employable career in science, tech, engineering and maths. Below you’ll find the seven Careers with STEM magazines published in 2023, in order of how much you’ve been reading ’em online!

What’s your favourite? Feel free to shout it out in the comments below.

Top Careers with STEM magazines of 2023

Happy reading! Want more? You can find all our back issues (including special editions on cyber security, space, quantum and more) right over here.

1. Careers with STEM: Defence 2023

Interested in Defence careers? Check out out STEM + Defence section

Find your dream career in Defence with our secret formula: Defence + X, where X equals your interest, another field or a life-changing goal. Think Defence + cyber security = cyber warfare operator; Defence + robots = army mechatronic and electrical engineer; or Defence + space = satellite engineer. And at the core of these careers? Some serious STEM skills, of course!

2. Careers with STEM: Science 2023

Learn more about science careers over on our Science hub

Careers with STEM: Science 2023 deep dives into science careers and includes real-life role models working in fields as diverse as nuclear science to marine archaeology.

3. Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2023

Find more maths + data career role models over here

Maths is for everyone and the skills it teaches you are so important to every career. This edition is focussed on maths + data careers and includes real-life role models working in fields as diverse as finance to meteorology.

4. Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023

Want to be an engineer? Get study and career info from our Engineering hub

In this edition of Careers with STEM we highlight the careers cementing engineering’s bright future and the exciting jobs emerging in health, energy and aerospace.

5. Careers with STEM: Economics 2023

Are you a future economist? Get more career tips in our STEM + Economics section

Meet four economists helping to fight climate change and power the energy revolution, plus be inspired for diverse economic careers and build your very own economics CV. This one was sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Thanks RBA!

6. Careers with STEM: Technology 2023

Sort your tech study and career path over here

In the 10th edition of Careers with STEM: Technology, we look back on how technology careers have changed in the past decade, and how they will evolve in the next 10 years. This issue is also heavy on AI, as it permeates our everyday lives. We look at how students can tap into this and other rapidly growing fields, combining their passion for ethics, helping people, or creating beautiful things – with tech skills – to find a rewarding and successful career.

7. Careers with STEM: Environment & Data 2023

Help save the environment with a STEM + Environment gig – all the deets here

This special edition of Careers with STEM is all about the STEM careers that are using data skills to help our environment. Meet inspiring role models including entrepreneurs, drone pilots and climate scientists, and discover the skills needed and pathways into this cool area of STEM.

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