Careers with STEM: Science 2019 is out now!

It’s here! Careers with STEM: Science 2019 is fresh off the press and packed with useful info about pursuing a career in science, as well as inspirational stories of professional scientists who are changing the world.

And there’s barely a lab coat in sight. That’s because science skills are increasingly in demand in industries outside of research (but research – and lab coats – are still totally on the table if that’s your jam!). Science skills are also highly transferrable across careers – and some of the skills needed to be a scientist might just surprise you.

In this issue of Careers with STEM: Science, you will:

  • Meet scientists solving some of our biggest and most pressing challenges, including cleaning up our waterways and saving the Great Barrier Reef, designing life-saving tech and launching their careers into outer space (literally);
  • Learn about the human-based skills needed to work in STEM;
  • Discover the breadth and diversity of science careers out there, from astrophysicist to zoologist;
  • Meet inspirational mentors combining their creative passions with science;
  • Hear from people working at ANSTO, ASIO, the CSIRO, Santos and Coles;
  • Access events, programs and tools to help you skill-up quickly or find your study paths.

Our latest issue also features a special, flip-side edition – Careers with STEM: Data Science. We’re producing more data than ever before, and at a growing rate. By the year 2020, it’s predicted we’ll be producing 1.7 megabytes of data per person, per year. The result? Huge opportunities for data science careers – with 2.7 million more data science jobs predicted for 2020.

You can read both issues online for free right now (or get your hands on some print copies for as little as $1.95 each!).


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Author: STEM Contributor

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