Video playlist: The 5 Careers with STEM videos everyone is watching

Careers with STEM videos

Need something new to watch? Dive into this playlist!

Below you’ll find the top five Careers with STEM videos on our YouTube channel. Whether you want to work with animals or in the outdoors, or if you’re keen to find out more about science careers and jobs of the future – you’ll love to binge watch your way through this list!

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1. 5 Awesome Jobs Working with Animals

Are you obsessed with animals? Make your dream job a reality with one of these five awesome jobs working with animals. You don’t have to become a vet to work with some furry friends every day!

Find out more about working with animals over on our STEM + Animals hub!

2. Here’s 5 Outdoor Jobs if You Just Can’t Bear a Desk Job

Think about it: your career is how you’ll be spending most of your waking hours for decades – so the nitty gritty of what your 9 to 5 work day actually looks like is pretty important, and for some people, regular opportunities to get their hands dirty outside could mean the difference between career satisfaction and searching job boards in their spare time. To get you started, here’s a list of five outdoor jobs that will see you spending a healthy portion of your work week living it up in the great outdoors.

Are the great outdoors calling your name? Take our What’s Your Outdoor STEM Career Quiz?

3. NASA senior computer scientist Tamar Cohen

Wanna work for NASA one day? Meet Tamar Cohen! She writes software to support NASA scientists who are exploring planetary bodies remotely. In this video, Tamar chats to us about her super cool career!

Are you dreaming of a career in space? Check out our STEM + Space hub!

4. A to Z Science Careers List (in 1 Minute!)

It’s the Ultimate Science Career-opedia! In this video, we’ve listed every science career we can think of… In just one minute. Impressive, right? You can find more deets on these STEM jobs here

5. 10 future jobs you might be applying for in 2050

One popular estimate suggests that 65% of primary school students will work in jobs that don’t exist yet. What might those future jobs look like? While we can’t predict exactly – we do know that 75% of the fastest growing jobs require STEM skills. We looked at our career crystal ball and came up with 10 jobs you might be submitting your CV for in the year 2050. Discover more future jobs here.

Have you found your STEM + X yet?

Inspired by the STEM careers in these videos but don’t know what’s the right STEM gig for you? We created a little something to help you out! We call it STEM + X – where ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal. Think science + business = new space rockets, or tech + agriculture = smarter farming. Engineering + health = new medicines or maths + shopping = happier customers and less retail waste.

Find out more about STEM + X (plus the importance of adding STEM to your future career) over here.

Check out more Careers with STEM videos on our YouTube channel!

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