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Careers from the couch: 5 fun STEM clips to binge

Careers YouTube

Doing the stay-at-home holidays thing? While you can’t make any immediate plans, you might as well plan your pathway

If you’re embarking on another period of stuck-at-home schooling, school holidaying or remote lesson planning we got you.

Scroll on for our selection of STEM education resources from our Careers with STEM On Demand channel, that’ll clue you up on next-gen careers of the future – and what to study to land them.

1. Maths careers, explained

Of all the STEM subjects, students seem to have the biggest disconnect between what careers maths skills can lead to – but getting skilled up in the future-focused discipline can provide next-gen career pathways into some seriously exciting areas.

In this webinar, discover how you can combine maths with your passion for anything – health, business, trades, security, agriculture and education – to create your dream career. Plus gain industry insights and tips from real people working in data and analytics and find out how they kickstarted their own unique pathways.

Meet maths and health expert Stacey Reinke, maths and business pro Philip Conroy and maths and environment queen Ellie Hubbard.

2. All about construction careers

By 2024 it’s expected that construction will employ 1.28 million people in Australia – many in small-to-medium sized businesses. Project management, site development and urban planning are some of the rewarding career paths in this space.

In this webinar, we chat to three leading experts about paths into careers in construction and project design. You’ll hear from architect and project leader, Georgia Parr, as well as development manager Hollie Layton and QUT lecturer in virtual and 3D design, Sara Omrani.

3. Busting science stereotypes

Scientists don’t just work in the lab and field – they collaborate on innovative new areas that lead to whole new products and careers.

In this Careers with STEM: Science webinar, you’ll meet scientists solving pressing global challenges and contributing to a prosperous economy through creative innovation and industry collaboration.

Hear from stereotype-busting STEM grads like Mitra Safavi-Naeini whose work combines medicine with physics, and ShanShan Wang, who founded a startup medical device company to improve respiratory health.

4. Suss out cybersecurity

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries, with the Australian sector alone expected to grow by 300% by 2026 – and 17,000 new cyber security workers needed in that time. Cyber security is also crucial for keeping our infrastructure and societies safe.

In this webinar, we highlight the diverse and sometimes surprising pathways into cyber security careers, bust myths around what it means and looks like to work in this crucial sector, emphasise the importance of non-technical skills and meet real-life cyber professionals with inspiring career stories.

Meet three peeps with cyber security careers! In our live webinar recording, we chat to James Curran, associate professor of the School of Computer Science at The University of Sydney and director of the Australian Computing AcademyShanis Lovin who works in digital forensics at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Jason Spindlow, a channel systems engineer at Palo Alto Networks.

5. Train up in tech

Tech will transform the way we live and work, and getting skilled up in the future-focused discipline can provide next-gen career pathways into some seriously exciting areas.

In this webinar, discover how you can combine technology with your passion for anything from fashion, humanities and health, to space, education or conservation to create your dream career. Find out how tech is revitalising our regional areas, plus gain industry insights and tips from real people inside some of our biggest tech companies about how to land a job.

Meet Google software engineer Gabie Palado, Atlassian software designer Jodie Clothier and Girl Geek Academy‘s Tammy Butow.

Need more next-gen careers inspiration? Careers with STEM’s entire back-catalogue of fully embeddable flip-page digital magazines are available online free.


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