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The dream team: Meet three Atlassian employees killing it in tech

Atlassian careers

Aussie software company Atlassian was co-founded by two UNSW grads in 2002. It builds platforms and tools for other businesses, and has more than 3000 employees. We hit up three tech professionals with Atlassian careers and quizzed them about their jobs.

Kristy Hughes, Senior Software Engineer

Kristy, a senior engineer at Atlassian, is part of a team that helps other teams build software. She works on one of Atlassian’s products called Bitbucket, which helps businesses to plan projects, as well as collaborate, test and roll out new code.

Kristy works with designers, product managers, other developers and the customers themselves to improve Bitbucket.

“I enjoy developing features I know our customers are going to love and will make their job better,” she says.

As an Atlassian employee Kristy gets five days of annual ‘foundation leave’ to give back to the community. Image: Lauren Trompp

The team even uses Bitbucket themselves, a practice called ‘dogfooding’ (as in, eating your own dog food to make sure it tastes good!).

“By using the product I’m developing every day, I get to feel the same pain many customers feel and that helps me solve their problems,” explains Kristy.

But not all of Kristy’s work life is about Bitbucket. Atlassian employees get five days of ‘foundation leave’ a year to give back to the community.

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“I’ve previously used mine to tutor at the National Computer Science Summer School for high school students,” she says. “I’m so glad to be in a job that’s fun, challenging and rewarding… I’m never bored!”

Kristy’s study and career path:

>> Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science), University of Sydney

>> Software engineer, Atlassian

>> Senior software engineer, Atlassian

Victoria Skalrud, Senior Development Team Lead

Victoria says she was always going to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a software engineer. From an early age she would hang out at her mum’s work playing computer games, soaking up the atmosphere.

“To me, a career in tech meant fun, problem solving, being challenged and always learning something new,” she says.

This inspired her to study software engineering, before a series of tech roles led her to work at Atlassian.

Victoria kicked off her tech career with a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) at UNSW. Image: Lauren Trompp

Today, as Senior Development Team Lead, Victoria doesn’t get to code quite as much as she once did. Instead, she has a bigger responsibility – to empower her team members to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

“I find my work to be extremely collaborative and creative,” she says. “I really enjoy coaching and growing individuals, sparring technical options with my team and ensuring we produce quality software.

“Tech is such a creative, collaborative and accessible space,” Victoria adds. “There’s
a high value put on empathy, challenging yourself to think differently, continuous learning and using those lessons to iterate and improve.”

Victoria’s study and career path:

>> Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering), UNSW

>> Senior Analyst Programmer, Tourism

>> Technology Consultant, The Enigma Room

>> Senior Development Team Lead, Atlassian

Juliano Julio Costa, Senior Engineer

The Brazilian state of Mato Grosso is best known for its wildlife and rainforest. But it’s also home to the remote city of Cuiabá and the Federal University of Mato Grosso – where Juliano says he learned “the universal language of programming”, opening a world of opportunities.

Over the course of 15 years, Juliano’s software development skills took him to Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Kenya, and later Quebec and Montreal in Canada. But after five years working at travel booking website Expedia in Montreal, Juliano was ready for a fresh challenge.

Atlassian careers
Juliano works primarily in Atlassian’s Jira Cloud Performance Team. Image: Lauren Trompp

He found it at Atlassian: “I love the Atlassian value: be the change you seek!” he says. “I feel empowered to be able to create something from nothing, solving problems or offering customers a delightful experience.”

Juliano is a Senior Engineer working in the Jira Cloud Performance Team. This means he is part of a team responsible for improving the performance of one of the most popular software development applications in the world.

“It’s a great opportunity to have a direct impact on the customer’s experience, and I feel appreciated and recognised as I improve the performance of our products,” he says.

Juliano’s study and career pathway:

>> Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Federal University of Mato Grosso

>> Master of Science (Computer Software Engineering), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

>> Software Developer, Fundacao Coppetec

>> Senior Software Developer,

>> Senior Software Engineer, Expedia

>> Senior Engineer, Atlassian

– Ben Skuse

This article was brought to you in partnership with Atlassian. It originally appears in Careers with STEM: Code 2019.

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