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Catch the AI wave at UTS

AI is about to change the world, and UTS is at the cutting edge

A Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence from UTS is your ticket to mastering the latest tech in town, and with it, readying yourself for the jobs of the future.

Think self-driving cars, voice assistants, smart robots, and personalised healthcare. The coming AI revolution will transform industries, streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and contribute to solving complex problems. And it will need skilled-up graduates with an eye for ethics to help navigate the road ahead.

“AI is the next evolution of being able to use computing in intelligent ways to support people and businesses,” says Michael Blumenstein, Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation) in the Faculty of Engineering & IT at UTS.

“From automating business tasks to diagnosing diseases and helping people who have a disability, the impact that AI has is across so many areas,” Michael says. “People will start to realise that whenever you open a piece of technology it already has AI in it.”

UTS leads in AI

As new research leads to evolutions in AI, UTS is at the forefront. It’s home to the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Australia’s largest research hub in the field of artificial intelligence.  

“The people working here are building the next algorithms, the next tech to do good for the country, and the world,” Michael says.

UTS has also built the Data Science Institute, which works with businesses and government to unleash value from their data, using AI to help solve real-world challenges.

Tapping into these research centres, students can work on real-world projects in their Honours year. “You’ve got extra support in doing a cutting edge AI project to explore the next generation of algorithms,” Michael says.

As a student at UTS your brain will be flexing its muscles in maths, statistics, IT and software development – all the tools you need to conquer the AI universe.

And even before you’ve finished your degree you’ll have access to leading companies seeking expert AI talent. Organisations like Google and Amazon Web Services, or banks and retailers that have large amounts of data and are using AI to leverage it. “The career prospects are really bright,” Michael says.

What you learn in the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence

  • Programming
  • Natural language processing
  • Image processing
  • Mathematics[   ] Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Ethics

Employment opportunities when you study AI

  • Artificial intelligence expert
  • Artificial intelligence consultant
  • AI specialist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Business analyst
  • Software developer
  • Data analyst

Show me the money

Salary ranges

  • AI specialist $129k – $434k
  • Machine learning engineer $59k – $146k
  • Data scientist $67k – $138k
  • Business analyst $60k – $116k
  • Software developer $55k – $109k
  • Data analyst $57k – $105k

Source: Salaries according to

This post was first published in Careers with STEM: Future Careers and is brought to you by the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT.

Here’s everything you need to know about AI.

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