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Crime & Justice

From forensics to fighting crime, law, criminal justics and spy agencies. Discover the exciting world of STEM + crime & justice.

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Technology and crime and justice
Crime & Justice

5 careers in tech + crime and justice

Find yourself binge-watching true-crime documentaries and coding up a storm on the weekend or after school? You could be laying the foundations for a super-exciting career in tech + crime and justice!

Tech law
Crime & Justice

How to land a tech career in law

You may not get a starring role in legal drama Suits, but you can have an awesome career in tech law

Cyber security employers
Crime & Justice

Hire up! Meet today’s top cyber security employers

A job in cyber security doesn’t just mean working for banks or the government, there are plenty of opportunities in transport, communications and even big brands like Tesla and Apple!

DR Shari Forbes, Forensic Science UTS
Crime & Justice

What is forensic science really like?

Some jobs are shrouded in mystery, or eclipsed by stereotypes. We’re breaking down what is forensic science with real-life forensic scientist, Dr Shari Forbes of UTS, and it’s nothing like CSI.