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Design & Construction

Designing and creating urban spaces, architecture, buildings, transport and infrastructure – discover diverse design and construction careers.

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MORE Design & Construction

Next gen careers - future scientist
Design & Construction

Video playlist: Get a next gen career

We’ve deep dived into four next gen careers to show you how you can easily combine STEM with your hobby, interest or passion.

Design & Construction

These engineers are building a better world

Structural engineers are helping to ensure the built environment around us is safe, sustainable and resilient to the challenges of the future.

Design & Construction

5 Future City Shaper Jobs

Imagine a world where skyscrapers power themselves, walkable access to amenities is a priority and there is an infrastructure, health and educational balance across all community demographics… that’s the vision of a future city shaper.

smart cities
Design & Construction

Street smarts: The future of smart cities

Digitisation, automation, a growing population and climate change adaptation all require innovative approaches to the way we design and construct smart cities.