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Studying economics can lead to a diverse range of careers in many different fields. Economics careers allow you to combine STEM with your passion for health, the environment, psychology and more.

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Eco-economists powering a green tomorrow

Meet four economists using their skills to build a brighter, more sustainable future Economics is important in the fight against climate change because it helps


A day in the life of an analyst at the RBA

Jacob Harris once dreamed of becoming a doctor, until he discovered economics. After finishing school, Jacob enrolled in a Bachelor of Economics majoring in economics

Economics careers

Economics + X = your dream job!

Whether you’re a maths wiz who loves numbers, a thrillseeker who thrives in a high-pressure environment or someone who wants to change the world, economics has a career to match your passion.

Squid Game

Teaching economics with Squid Game, a guide

First year business and economics students all over the world may soon be using Netflix’s global smash hit series Squid Game to learn complex economic theories