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Google internships


Internships help students engineer successful computer science careers.

engineering careers

Shape the future

Engineers create amazing solutions to big problems – from predicting earthquakes to improving cancer surgery.

engineering scholarships

Equal access

The University of Canterbury’s Engineering Faculty has a strong focus on teams and supporting diversity in computer science studies.

Commonwealth Bank graduate program

Twin paths

Identical twins Adam and John Taranto work in tech support and direct-to-market sections of the Commonwealth Bank as part of the bank’s graduate program.

robotics competition

Diving into robotics

Meet the teams at FIRST robotics, and see what (or who) inspired them to get involved.

3D designer

Feat of engineering

A UNSW degree in computer science can lead you to a career in any walk of life.

Engineering and computer science

Create and capture

By combining engineering and computer science skills, you can use visual information to advance healthcare and emergency services.

bachelor of engineering

Bridging the gap

A new, multidisciplinary degree at La Trobe University prepares students for modern industry needs.

civil engineering

Mega toys at QUT

Hands-on learning is a critical part of next-generation civil engineering.

Charles Sturt University engineering

Rebuilding engineering

Hit the ground running with this unique engineering degree at Charles Sturt University.


Zero waste

Skills in science and engineering will be needed for tech advances in green manufacturing and management of e-waste.