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Fashion & Beauty

If you think that fashion design and STEM couldn’t be more different, think again. The beauty and fashion industries are crying out for STEM grads who are fluent in code, innovation, engineering and science.

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Science careers in retail | A phone held up is showing shopping trolleys coming out of it
Fashion & Beauty

The science of shopping

Reckon shopping is an exercise for the brain-dead? Turns out, there are heaps of science careers in retail that shape the way we shop and turn this mindless hobby into something much smarter.


Match fashion + maths for an innovative tech career

If you think fashion design and STEM couldn’t be more different, think again. Dr Mark Liu is innovating clothing patterns with computer aided design, meaning less waste and a better fit.

Fashion meets technology at TAFE

For fashion designer, Natalie, digital technology is an essential part of her process. She’s using computer aided design to model her ideas and digitise pattern making.

Charne Esterhuizen Maak Clothing fashion designer

Easy chemise-y; fashion innovates with tech

Fashion designer Charne Esterhuizen taught herself CAD to create a 3D printed dress, and has her sights set on eco-friendly bioprinted fabrics.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and coding

Are you the perfect mix of fashion and coding? At Vogue codes computer science and fashion are coming together and the result is stunning.