Monday, August 8, 2022
STEM activities for the school holidays

The ultimate guide to STEM-ing up your school holidays

Looking for STEM-y things to do? We've made the ultimate check list of activities for the school holidays. Have fun!
Vanessa Zepeda - Science Videos

Video playlist: Get into science

Want to work in science one day? Then your homework is to watch ALL of these videos!
Should I study computer science?video

Quiz: Should I study computer science?

Love tech but not sure what direction to take? Let's see if computer science is the right path for you!

16 career challenges to tick off these holidays

Bored yet? There are loads of quick, easy things you can do for your career these school holidays.
Space activities

10 space activities for the school holidays

From podcast recommendations to learning how to make a burrito in space, there's something here for everyone!

10 maths jokes that’ll make ‘sum’ of you laugh

Maths is useful, amazing, important... And it can also be funny!
STEM pros - Gini Santos

Video playlist: STEM pros with the coolest careers

From fashion to data science, five STEM pros talk us through their amazing careers!
Eddie Woo

The best Eddie Woo maths lessons of all time

Need to get your head back into the maths game before the start of Term 1? Have we got the playlist for you!
STEM boredom busters

20 STEM-inspired boredom busters for the school holidays

Baking, movie marathons, room makeovers, LEGO building, website designing... The list goes on!
Top five stories of 2021

What’s everyone reading? Our top 5 stories of 2021

2021 was another rollercoaster year, but it didn't stop us writing and you reading the hundreds of articles we published across this site!
Most watched videos of 2021

Our most watched YouTube videos of 2021

From animal careers to artificial intelligence, see what everyone was watching this year!
Christmas crackers

DIY silly, STEM-themed Christmas crackers

Minimise your carbon footprint these holidays while upping the funny factor, with DIY bon bons stuffed with science jokes.

Want 100 free magazines for your school? Order yours today!

Australian and New Zealand high schools can order up to 100 free copies of Careers with STEM: Technology magazine.

Quantum careers for everyone: join the information revolution!

What are quantum careers and who are they for? Get the low-down from Peter Turner, CEO of the Sydney Quantum Academy

Mix engineering with energy for a bright career

Dr Morley Muse - renewable energy engineering
We explore cool opportunities in renewable energy engineering and take a look at some of the challenges you’ll need to tackle with STEM skills.