Monday, July 4, 2022
STEM and law - Rachel Hews

Combining STEM with law… What’s the verdict?

The evidence is in – combining law with STEM opens up a world of career possibilities.
AI careers

Automation nation: a guide to AI careers

In the age of AI and automation, maths and data reign supreme
cyber security careers

Clue up in cyber security before you finish school

It's never too early to learn the skills needed to land a next-gen gig in cyber security 
Should I study computer science?video

Quiz: Should I study computer science?

Love tech but not sure what direction to take? Let's see if computer science is the right path for you!
Study tech

How to build a future-proof career in tech

Keen to set yourself up for career success now and in the future? Train up in cutting-edge tech fields like AI, data science and cybersecurity
Robot video playlist

Video playlist: All things AI and robots

Here's some weekend or after school viewing that'll get you pumped for a career in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) or technology!
PwC Higher Apprenticeship Program

Earn while you learn with PwC’s Higher Apprenticeship program

Not keen on uni? PwC's Higher Apprenticeship program is all about building up your business and tech skills while learning on the job and getting paid.
Nina Rajcic - women in tech

10 women in tech doing amazing things

From artificial intelligence to agritech, meet 10 women in tech who are kicking goals and smashing stereotypes in STEM.
STEM pros - Gini Santos

Video playlist: STEM pros with the coolest careers

From fashion to data science, five STEM pros talk us through their amazing careers!
Work in tech

Wanna work in tech? Watch these videos!

This playlist gives insights from real-life tech professionals (including Googlers!) about what it's really like to work in the industry.

Inside the program finding STEM jobs for grads with disabilities

People with disabilities can make a big impact in STEM, and atWork Australia’s School2atWork program is helping them land inclusive opportunities
difference between UX and UI

What’s the difference between UX and UI design?

Love computer science but also being creative? A career is user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) design is calling your name.

5 trivia quizzes to keep your STEM skills sharp during the holidays

Bored yet? Test your STEM smarts these school holidays with five, fun trivia quizzes

5 humanitarian STEM careers

We break down some of the science, tech and engineering jobs making a massive impact on others

5 ways to launch your career in nuclear science at ANSTO

ANSTO graduate
Wondering how to turn your nuclear science degree into a job? Check out these 5 awesome graduate opportunities at ANSTO