Monday, July 4, 2022
Sexual health tech

Inside the tech revolutionising sexual health checks

A new free app is empowering young people to take control of their sexual health Health careers are no longer reserved waiting rooms, stethoscopes and suiting...
Eric Rametta

Meet the 17-year-old entrepreneur developing the coolest study app 

Eric Rametta is setting out to change the game for students tackling multiple subjects, timetables and exams to cram for 
The STEM in agriculture

The STEM in agriculture

Dreaming of a gig in STEM and agriculture? From space to statistics, the opportunities are endless!
Career in information technology

How to DIY a tech career to suit your passion

Interested in IT but not sure if it fits with your other passions? Read this first to discover how you can use tech skills and qualifications to build your dream career.
Cracked phone screens

Tech to the rescue: say hello to unbreakable phone screens

Good news! Cracked phone screens could soon become a thing of the past thanks to breakthrough research conducted at the University of Queensland.
Women in STEM - Akansha Kapoor

Women in STEM: Spotlight on Akansha Kapoor

Be inspired by the study and career path of Akansha Kapoor, who works in experience-led digital transformation at PwC and was the Chief Operating Officer of Robogals Global!
Tech law

How to land a tech career in law

You may not get a starring role in legal drama Suits, but you can have an awesome career in tech law
Smart ag

How to work in cyber security AND agriculture

The peaceful countryside hides a new battle between hackers and cyber security professionals. Do you want to join the fight?

Crack the code to an awesome tech career! Live webinar recording

Hear from three real-life STEM professionals sharing their insider tips and tricks on how to build your dream job in an area you're passionate about.

Now hiring! 5 booming tech fields to look into

Five booming fields that could lead to a secure tech career of tomorrow
IT careers

Everything you need to know about careers in IT

If you live and breathe technology, then a career in straight-up IT might be for you – and demand for talent is high
Study IT

Meet the undergrads studying IT for social good

Meet two students combining their love of technology with their passion for making the world a better place

5 trivia quizzes to keep your STEM skills sharp during the holidays

Bored yet? Test your STEM smarts these school holidays with five, fun trivia quizzes

5 humanitarian STEM careers

We break down some of the science, tech and engineering jobs making a massive impact on others

5 ways to launch your career in nuclear science at ANSTO

ANSTO graduate
Wondering how to turn your nuclear science degree into a job? Check out these 5 awesome graduate opportunities at ANSTO