Friday, August 19, 2022
Tech jobs in retail

Secure a next-gen role in retail with tech skills

It’s not all customer service and slick merchandising. To secure a next-gen role in retail, you’ll need tech skills – and lots of them.
Tech trends of 2021

The biggest tech trends of 2021 explained

Welcome to 2021, where cryptocurrency and 5G are hot topics of conversation, and your phone can talk to your refrigerator!
Future tech jobs in Australia

Future tech jobs in Australia

Good news! The Tech Council is aiming to have one million jobs in the technology sector by 2025.
Technology and the environment

How tech pros can help the environment

Keen on a career in tech but passionate about the environment? Here's how to merge the two to save the planet!

5 Signs you should work in cyber security

Are you a fast learner? Have you got comms covered? Yep? You’re on track for a bright career in cyber security
Emerging fields in technology

Create future tech

From AI and automation to quantum computing, get set for the emerging fields in technology that are transforming society.
STEM jobs in sport

Find your STEM + sport career

Combine your passion for your favourite sport with STEM to slam dunk your way to a future proof, dream job!

Girls Day Out in STEM Bake Off!

This National Science Week, combine machine learning and cake recipes in the Girls Day Out in STEM Bake Off! You might have heard that learning...
technology skills artificial intelligence crypto CIO survey 2021

40% of tech bosses looking for crypto and AI skills in new grads

Want to land a tech job in 2021? Artificial Intelligence and crypto are the top technology skills bosses are looking for in new grads
Artificial intelligence controls smart city via internet and hud interface with icons urban infrastructure. iot technology in information and communication technologies. Robot or cyborg woman with AI

Kicking off a career in Artificial Intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence careers on the Australian workforce in the near future will be significant.
Artificial intelligence job

Quiz: What’s your artificial intelligence job?

Are you a data scientist, robotics engineer or machine learning engineer? Find out what your AI job is here!
Maru Nihoniho - working in tech

7 things you need to know about working in tech

Wanna work in the tech industry? Check out these insider deets from the pros who are doing just that.

Closes today! UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing

UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing
The UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing is a competition for Year 7-10 students in Australia. Meet the 2021 winners here

The cyber frontier: careers in cyber security + Defence

Cyber security and Defence
Defence needs passionate people who are up for the challenge of cyber security to protect Australians everywhere.

Engineering the outcome: engineering roles in Defence

Engineers are a critical part of the Defence Force team. But it’s not all awesome aircraft and super subs – there are engineering roles across the whole of Defence and the careers will surprise you!