Get career basics

Doctor, doctor

The health sector is crying out for the University of Sydney’s maths and data graduates to help them provide better health and medical solutions.

mathematical sciences

Think, discover, learn

Learn how to solve problems in the real world and see where a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide could take you.

be innovative

Be innovative!

Hear from one of Australia’s leading executives on the skills that will set you up for the most exciting careers of the future.

diverse teams

Joining forces

From astronomers using online programs to study space, to musicians creating tunes on apps, diverse teams of professionals are using technology to invent the tools of the future.

robotics competition

Diving into robotics

Meet the teams at FIRST robotics, and see what (or who) inspired them to get involved.

Careers in Health

Careers in health

Interested in careers in health? Here are a few reasons why you could be on the path to an amazing future.

Applied psychology

Mind matters

Study at The Australian College of Applied Psychology today to prepare for the psychology of the future.



Combining technology and science allows us to think big and solve challenges in computing, medicine and the environment.

Food technology

Easing the way

By studying food technology at the University of Queensland, you can have a big impact on health and safety.

career in cybersecurity

Double take

Paige Brown is on track for an exciting career in cybersecurity.

internships in IT

Industry experience

Kickstart your career and get work-ready by doing internships while you study at QUT.

information technology degree

Ready for anything

To prepare for your first job, you need to think beyond just getting good grades.