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Looking for opportunities in STEM?

Careers with STEM: Graduate Options provides insights into career trends and stats, employer tips, programs to upskill and practical information to help you nail your dream STEM graduate career.

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How to make your LinkedIn profile shine for STEM graduate employers

As a recent graduate, LinkedIn is a top place to showcase your STEM smarts and connect with prospective employers
Next Move Quiz

Quiz: What’s your next move?

Hey undergrads! What should you do next? More study, get into a graduate program, take on an internship or start sussing out STEM employers? Find out here.
Think Science Competition

ANSTO’s 2023 Think Science! competition results

The Think Science! competition gave Australian students in Year 3 to 10 the chance to develop and show off their awesome science inquiry skills. See the winning entries here.

Video: What it’s like to work at Google

We asked a software engineer, security engineer and a site reliability engineer how they got their amazing tech jobs at Google.
Tech companies you should work for

10 tech companies YOU should work for

There are so many awesome tech companies you should work for in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve chosen 10 to tell you about and have highlighted how they fit into your very own STEM + X

What it’s like to work at Google for 10 years!

Ever wonder what career you’ll have in 10 years? Take it from these Googlers: it could be very different to what you...
Business process management

What is business process management?

Business strategy and management of developments across industries is an in-demand career area. Learn how to upskill here!

Postgrad your way to a business management career in STEM

Roles in STEM leadership can be truly rewarding as you learn to manage teams. Check out these STEM leadership and business management courses if you want to climb to the top
100 Jobs of the Future

The 100 jobs of the future… Are you ready for them?

Take a scroll through this epic list to see if you're on the right track with your study plans. What electives or postgrad courses could you choose to future proof your career path?
Postgraduate IT

What it’s like to work in postgraduate IT

Five super clever IT legends have spilled the beans on what it's like to undertake extra studies and what effect that's had on their careers.

Flexibility and support: the things that matter when doing postgrad study

We looked at the data and spoke to postgrad students, and these are the things to look for when you’re considering postgrad study
Types of nursing

What are the different types of nursing?

We cover three different types of nursing, specific areas you could work in, and the pathways you can take to land your dream gig in this popular area of STEM

Project management skills are the next big thing for career success: here’s why

PMI - Project management career
Arming yourself with dynamic project management skills, you’ll always be in demand!

Careers with STEM Reader Survey: Have your say

Are we doing enough to promote STEM? What are you loving about Careers with STEM? What could we improve on? Tell us what you think

Grad options to kickstart your tech career

The apprenticeship model is taking hold in grad tech careers as employers look to build graduates with specialist tech skills.