Friday, December 1, 2023

Graduate opportunities for women in cyber security

Are you a woman thinking about getting into cyber security? We hit up four female grads and asked them how they got there
STEM teacher

The program getting STEM grads into classrooms

With STEM teachers in huge demand, tech company Rokt has launched an attractive graduate program with some seriously huge perks
CBA graduate program

2024 graduate programs to apply for now

We’ve popped together a list of companies to be on your radar for 2024 and beyond
Dr Neelam Shah

From academia to pharma: the career journey of a PhD graduate

Dr Neelam Shah, who is the Vaccines Medical Affairs Associate at GSK Australia, shares her experience of going from a PhD to working in the pharmaceutical industry.
LinkedIn Top Startups 2022

LinkedIn’s Top Startups of 2022 – find graduate opportunities here!

Studying STEM? Apply for graduate programs and positions at fast-growing Aussie startups!
What is a graduate program

What is a graduate program?

We've created an explainer to help get you across graduate programs and internships and how they can land you a cool STEM job you'll love doing each and every day
Graduate Employers

Graduate employers with an X factor

We’ve sussed out six awesome graduate employers where you can mix STEM with your passion or interest in health, cyber, beauty and more
CBA Graduate android developer Aizel Redulla (left) and graduate software engineer Maral Nalbandian (right).

How to kickstart your engineering career at the bank

The Commonwealth Bank is looking for diverse tech grads to join its world-class team of engineers
ANSTO graduate

5 ways to launch your career in nuclear science at ANSTO

Wondering how to turn your nuclear science degree into a job? Check out these 5 awesome graduate opportunities at ANSTO
CBA graduate program

Get a foot in the door at Commonwealth Bank

Whether you’re into programming or statistics, excited about fighting financial crime or keen to make products people use every day – this one grad program is full of possibilities

Tech careers are booming in banking!

Sending cash fast, fighting off crims and protecting our economy: all in a day’s work at Australia’s Central Bank
Land a tech job at the RBA

How to land a tech job at the RBA

Meet three people who all took different paths into cool tech gigs at Australia’s Central Bank.

Project management skills are the next big thing for career success: here’s why

PMI - Project management career
Arming yourself with dynamic project management skills, you’ll always be in demand!

Careers with STEM Reader Survey: Have your say

Are we doing enough to promote STEM? What are you loving about Careers with STEM? What could we improve on? Tell us what you think

Grad options to kickstart your tech career

The apprenticeship model is taking hold in grad tech careers as employers look to build graduates with specialist tech skills.