Friday, December 1, 2023
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Get insights from Australia’s fastest hiring STEM organisations.

Tech companies you should work for

10 tech companies YOU should work for

There are so many awesome tech companies you should work for in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve chosen 10 to tell you about and have highlighted how they fit into your very own STEM + X

What it’s like to work at Google for 10 years!

Ever wonder what career you’ll have in 10 years? Take it from these Googlers: it could be very different to what you...

STEM employers team up to solve big Australian challenges

The Commonwealth Bank and Telstra join forces to address an issue affecting millions of Australians Two of the biggest...

We spoke to two engineers working at CBA and Telstra

Find out how they got their jobs in engineering and what they love most about it

What it’s like to be a data scientist at Commonwealth Bank

Thinking about studying data science but want a sneak peek into what a day at work would look like? Watch this!

Banking on data – insights into Commonwealth Bank careers

Meet three Commonwealth Bank employees using data skills in different way

Q&A with maths + data pros at Commonwealth Bank

We spoke to a technology graduate, senior analyst and data scientist working in maths and data at Commonwealth Bank!
A women using a laptop in a cafe, looking happy

The future of work experience

Work experience 2.0 is here – and it’s even more accessible, high-tech and enriching than you’d think If you’re...

CBA to hire 219 new tech graduates

Commonwealth Bank has set itself a recruitment target of hiring up to 50 new engineers every month

Find your dream science job in our latest issue, out now!

Careers with STEM magazine is packed with information on a range of exciting careers in science, and features real-life role models showcasing the possibilities in this field.

The top 75 graduate employers in 2023

The Australian Association of Graduate Employers had just released their list of top 75 graduate employers for 2023 and there are some amazing places to work on it, including STEM employers like Atlassian and Commonwealth Bank.
Nuclear Science Career - ANSTO

How to build your own nuclear science career

What’s your nuclear science + X? Combine this exciting field with another passion or interest to find your dream job!

Project management skills are the next big thing for career success: here’s why

PMI - Project management career
Arming yourself with dynamic project management skills, you’ll always be in demand!

Careers with STEM Reader Survey: Have your say

Are we doing enough to promote STEM? What are you loving about Careers with STEM? What could we improve on? Tell us what you think

Grad options to kickstart your tech career

The apprenticeship model is taking hold in grad tech careers as employers look to build graduates with specialist tech skills.