Sunday, May 22, 2022
6 reasons not to drop maths

6 reasons not to drop maths

Keen to drop maths as soon as you can? Before you subtract it from your life completely, consider the pluses that it’ll have when applying for uni or acing your first gig.
Careers in health

A picture of health (careers)

Everyone from dentists to bioinformaticians, epidemiologists and psychologists rely on solid maths and data skills.
maths careers commonwealth bank

Our latest issue is all about the skills you’ll need for the jobs of...

Get inspired about the jobs of the future with the new Careers with STEM: Maths & Data edition - out now.
Top emerging careers in Australia

15 maths jobs of the future

The National Skills Commission has identified the top emerging careers in Australia. A recurring theme in almost all of them? Maths and data skills!
maths careers

These awesome maths careers might surprise you!

Maths is used every day in almost everything we do – including some pretty awesome careers that might surprise you
Maths careers

Careers that count: Meet maths grads with jobs at CBA

Meet three maths grads forging exciting careers at the Commonwealth Bank
Enrolments in maths

FYI: Year 12 maths enrolments have reached an all-time low

What's caused the drop, why is it a problem and what can we do about it? Find out here!
Maths Olympiad

Olympiad champs! Young, Aussie maths crew win gold 

Australia recently competed in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) and our team achieved incredible results
Maths pros - Careers with STEM

Video playlist: Meet maths + data pros working in STEM

The M in STEM can take you some pretty amazing places. Just ask these experts!

10 maths jokes that’ll make ‘sum’ of you laugh

Maths is useful, amazing, important... And it can also be funny!
STEM pros - Gini Santos

Video playlist: STEM pros with the coolest careers

From fashion to data science, five STEM pros talk us through their amazing careers!
Eddie Woo

The best Eddie Woo maths lessons of all time

Need to get your head back into the maths game before the start of Term 1? Have we got the playlist for you!

Order free copies of our new QUT STEM+X guide for your school!

Queensland schools can order up to 70 copies of our new STEM+X guide, produced in partnership with QUT.

Quiz: Can you guess these AI careers?

Careers in artificial intelligence
What do a software engineer, data analyst and a researcher all have in common? They can work in artificial intelligence (AI!)

QUIZ: What’s your STEM + X?

Take a STEM discipline, and mix in your X (your passion or hobby) and you've got a one-of-a-kind career!