Friday, July 1, 2022

10 maths jokes that’ll make ‘sum’ of you laugh

Maths is useful, amazing, important... And it can also be funny!
STEM pros - Gini Santos

Video playlist: STEM pros with the coolest careers

From fashion to data science, five STEM pros talk us through their amazing careers!
Eddie Woo

The best Eddie Woo maths lessons of all time

Need to get your head back into the maths game before the start of Term 1? Have we got the playlist for you!
Data scientist

So you wanna be a data scientist? Check this advice!

Get excellent career advice from three data scientists working in disability support services, business solutions and health.
Maths memes

The maths memes you didn’t know you needed

Need an end-of-year laugh? Send these maths memes to everyone you know (including your maths teacher) for an instant LOL!
The STEM in agriculture

The STEM in agriculture

Dreaming of a gig in STEM and agriculture? From space to statistics, the opportunities are endless!
digital agriculture

Harvesting good data with digital agriculture

The next revolution in farming will be numbers-driven with the new fusion of digital agriculture with traditional farming.
STEM jobs in sport

Find your STEM + sport career

Combine your passion for your favourite sport with STEM to slam dunk your way to a future proof, dream job!
International Mathematical Olympiad team

These students are repping Australia at the International Mathematical Olympiad

Mathletes across the country, get excited. This year's the International Mathematical Olympiad is almost here!
Maths Student

Maths students + pre-recorded lectures = not always that great

Why might maths students' performance suffer from relying on videos? A new study suggests we might be conditioned to watch video in a way that hinders the sort of thinking needed in maths
Maths gender gap

Are multiple choice-style exams fueling the maths gender gap?

Boys perform better than girls in tests made up of multiple-choice questions

Using data to create art makes for some pretty spectacular results

Data visualisation is an emerging area that helps us to better picture the true meaning of data

The ultimate guide to STEM-ing up your school holidays

STEM activities for the school holidays
Looking for STEM-y things to do? We've made the ultimate check list of activities for the school holidays. Have fun!

Why tech and cyber careers are hot

Tech and cyber
With industries hungry for star coders, there’s a goldmine of career opportunities in tech and cyber 

The real reasons women aren’t choosing engineering

Reasons women aren’t choosing engineering
Even though women make up almost 48% of the Australian workforce, only 13% of them are working as engineers!