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why study maths

Why do maths at all?

Look beyond the numbers and you’ll find a fascinating topic offering boundless career opportunities.

Maths leadership

Play your numbers right

Pump up your maths tool kit and be a leader all the way. Find hot jobs, study options, intern opportunities and the best people to follow.

maths app

Class solution

Homework woes? This Aussie maths app could have the answer.

Doctor, doctor

The health sector is crying out for the University of Sydney’s maths and data graduates to help them provide better health and medical solutions.

innovation labs

Inside innovation labs

Take a tour of Commonwealth Bank’s incredible Innovation Labs in Sydney, London, Hong Kong and other amazing cities!

mathematical sciences

Think, discover, learn

Learn how to solve problems in the real world and see where a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide could take you.

World explorer

A career in maths can take you to exotic places! As a business manager with ANZ, Michelle Dobson has been given some amazing travel opportunities.

be innovative

Be innovative!

Hear from one of Australia’s leading executives on the skills that will set you up for the most exciting careers of the future.

Hidden Figures

NASA women in STEM

Take a look at the amazing women in Hidden Figures, a heartwarming hollywood movie based on the true story of African-American women working at NASA during the space race.


Mass data

Choose a career in the wide-open field of bioinformatics, and help save the world.

Career Goals

Combine your STEM skills with flexibility, open-mindedness and your passion.