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Communications, cryptography, sensors, future tech/future jobs – welcome to the weird and wonderful world of quantum careers.

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MORE Quantum


Your top quantum careers questions, answered

Considering a future-focussed career in quantum science and technology (or wondering what that even means?). We’ve answered all your quantum career FAQs

Defence careers

Keeping the country safe with quantum

Australian Defence scientists are on the frontline of quantum research, uncovering new materials and applications to keep the country safe Quantum technologies have already changed

Quantum careers

A list of quantum career resources

Inspired about a career in quantum science and technology? Here are some more resources and information to get you on your way

Quantum careers

Quantum + X = your dream job

We live in the Digital Age, a world made possible by computers and information technology. Now, we look set to herald a new ‘Quantum Age’, and the potential applications – and career opportunities – are almost limitless

Future tech jobs in Australia

Future tech jobs in Australia

Good news! The Tech Council is aiming to have one million jobs in the technology sector by 2025.