Wednesday, June 29, 2022
STEM apprenticeship

Quiz: Is a STEM apprenticeship right for you?

It's National Skills Week and we're celebrating all things vocational education and training (VET)!

Quiz: Which VET pathway is for you?

You can land an awesome STEM qualification through a TAFE or trade school.

5 trivia quizzes to keep your STEM skills sharp during the holidays

Bored yet? Test your STEM smarts these school holidays with five, fun trivia quizzes
Postgraduate study

Quiz: Which type of postgraduate path is for you? 

Are you looking for postgraduate study options in STEM? Australian universities offer a range of pathways after your degree

5 quizzes to prep you for postgrad life

If you’re thinking about what's next after your (first!) degree, these quizzes should help you out
Health careers quiz

Quiz: Can you guess these health careers?

Know the difference between an audiologist and an ophthalmologist? Put your health career knowledge to the test here!
Computer science or data science quiz

Quiz: Should you study computer science or data science?

Wanna code apps or wrangle important data? Discover which tech path you should jump on!
Science communicator Kirsten Banks

Quiz: Could you be a science communicator?

Can you take scientific concepts, topics and research, and explain them to the general public? This could be the gig for you!
Creative careers

Quiz: What’s your creative maths career?

Maths degrees and skills don't just lead to careers in accounting! If you love numbers and arts, you can totally combine the two to build your dream job.
Climate careers quiz

Quiz: Can you guess these climate careers?

Climate careers are saving the world from global warming. But how much do you know about these important jobs that include a whole bunch of STEM?

Quiz: Which graduate role is for you?

New year, time to kickstart your post-uni career? If you're thinking about graduate roles, now is a great time to apply
Machine learning engineer

Quiz: Could you be a machine learning engineer?

Find out if working in artificial intelligence is in your future!

Why tech and cyber careers are hot

Tech and cyber
With industries hungry for star coders, there’s a goldmine of career opportunities in tech and cyber 

The real reasons women aren’t choosing engineering

Reasons women aren’t choosing engineering
Even though women make up almost 48% of the Australian workforce, only 13% of them are working as engineers!

Free webinar: Advanced manufacturing pathways

Australian Manufacturing Weekvideo
Our local manufacturing industry is booming! We hit up Australian Manufacturing Week to find out how students can score jobs in this exciting field