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STEM electives

Quiz: Which uni electives should you choose?

Adding a random STEM elective to your subject list is always a good idea. The hard part is choosing one
Maddy Cochrane

Quiz: What’s your STEM + defence career?

From cyber security to combat engineering, STEM + defence careers are super varied! Find yours by taking our quiz.
bachelor of sciencevideo

QUIZ: Which area of science should you study?

Stuck between Chemistry, Physics or Biology? We'll help you break it down and match you to your perfect Bachelor of Science degree.
Maths teacher quiz

Quiz: Could you be a maths teacher?

If you want to inspire the minds of the future, and also see the huge benefits of working in STEM, then a career as a maths teacher could be a brilliant way to combine what you love.

Quiz: What shape is your CV in?

You’re almost done with studying – then what? Tell us how you’ve gone about writing your resume and and we’ll give you an honest...
STEM quizzes

The STEM quizzes you loved in 2021

Find out which one of our 100+ quizzes took out the top spot in 2021...
Tech careers

Quiz: Can you guess these tech careers?

Software engineers, UX designers, pen testers, database managers... Think you know a lot about tech careers? Put your knowledge to the test.
Future cities quiz

Quiz: Are you a future cities shaper?

Are you a problem solver who wants to make cities more sustainable, accessible and efficient, as well as fairer? A STEM career in future city shaping could be an amazing fit for you!
Outdoor STEM career

Quiz: What’s your outdoor STEM career?

If working underwater sounds better than a 9-5 office gig, this quiz is for you!
Science careers trivia

Quiz: Can you guess these science careers?

Whether you're into health or hardcore physics, there's a place for you in science. Let's see how much you know about the coolest science careers!
Health science career

Quiz: What’s your health science career?

If you're keen on a health science career but stuck on what to specialise in, our quiz will help narrow your search down.
Change of preferences quiz

Quiz: Should you change your uni preferences?

Answer these five questions to find out what your next move should be!

Meet two RBA economists passionate about social justice

Meet two RBA economists who chose their careers inspired by a passion for social justice issues

Happy International Women in Engineering Day… Let’s celebrate with role models!

In the video, you'll meet a water engineer, a robotics field engineer, a graduate engineer working for Boeing, an aerospace engineer and a pavement engineer.

Video playlist: Get into science

Vanessa Zepeda - Science Videos
Want to work in science one day? Then your homework is to watch ALL of these videos!