Friday, July 1, 2022
CaveX team engineering university of adelaide

Engineering students help uncover history in CaveX project

Meet 5 engineering undergrads who built an awesome robot to uncover ancient geological history hidden deep underground

Now hiring! 5 booming tech fields to look into

Five booming fields that could lead to a secure tech career of tomorrow
Artificial intelligence at UWA

Major in tomorrow with AI

Forget worrying about robots stealing your job – build a career in artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ll be in high demand at the cutting edge of tech.
DARPA Subterranean challenge

Get set for the Robot Olympics

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge going down in the US this month, and a Brisbane-based team of robotics experts will be remotely repping Australia!

How to land a job in robotics and automation

If you want a job that won’t be taken over by robots any time soon, choose a career in robotics and automation
Emerging fields in technology

Create future tech

From AI and automation to quantum computing, get set for the emerging fields in technology that are transforming society.
Artificial Intelligence Quiz

Quiz: How much do you know about artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a super in-demand area of STEM right now. But how much do you actually know about it?
technology skills artificial intelligence crypto CIO survey 2021

40% of tech bosses looking for crypto and AI skills in new grads

Want to land a tech job in 2021? Artificial Intelligence and crypto are the top technology skills bosses are looking for in new grads
Artificial intelligence controls smart city via internet and hud interface with icons urban infrastructure. iot technology in information and communication technologies. Robot or cyborg woman with AI

Kicking off a career in Artificial Intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence careers on the Australian workforce in the near future will be significant.
Australian Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley; Flt Lt Kate Yaxley; and Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive Joe North

Up close and technical with Women in AI award winner

At the Women in AI awards earlier this year, Defence expert Flt. Lt. Kate Yaxley was honoured for her achievements in Artificial Intelligence. Here...
Artificial intelligence job

Quiz: What’s your artificial intelligence job?

Are you a data scientist, robotics engineer or machine learning engineer? Find out what your AI job is here!
Women in AI awards

Women in AI and Data Science awards

Innovative women in AI (artificial intelligence) and data science from Australia and New Zealand were recognised at the first ever event in Sydney on Friday.

The ultimate guide to STEM-ing up your school holidays

STEM activities for the school holidays
Looking for STEM-y things to do? We've made the ultimate check list of activities for the school holidays. Have fun!

Why tech and cyber careers are hot

Tech and cyber
With industries hungry for star coders, there’s a goldmine of career opportunities in tech and cyber 

The real reasons women aren’t choosing engineering

Reasons women aren’t choosing engineering
Even though women make up almost 48% of the Australian workforce, only 13% of them are working as engineers!