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Robots & AI

Mechatronics, machines, automation, machine learning, natural language processing, robots and AI – the new world work order is here, and this is what you need to know to be a part of it!

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MORE Robots & AI

Humans and AI
Robots & AI

Where do humans fit into AI?

AI is so hot right now, but where do humans fit in? Here are some super inspiring stories in which humans + AI = big wins

Everything You Need to Know About Ai
Robots & AI

Everything you need to know about AI

Don’t really get what all the hype is about? Then this is for you. We’ll get you up to speed on what AI is, what it’s capable of, the pros, the cons, and the AI careers of the future you could be a part of.

Careers in AI
A-Z careers

A-Z of careers in AI

STEM gigs and careers in AI go hand-in-hand! We list common and surprising STEM jobs that all use AI in a wide range of ways, or are behind the scenes developing the power and effectiveness of this incredible tech.

Robots & AI

Free AI courses for high school students

This school holidays why not give one of these free AI courses a go – you’ll be learning some of the most in-demand skills in


VIDEO: 7 STEM careers in AI

STEM + AI = a future career you can bank on The World Economic Forum predicts that AI will create 97 million new jobs by


5 ways teachers are using ChatGPT

From writing class plans to communicating with parents, teachers are experimenting with AI, using ChatGPT and learning from each other.


Defence careers in AI and robotics

Staying ahead of the technology game is critical for Defence and skills in tech like AI and robotics could give you the cutting edge Forget