Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Amelia Luu

Biohacking the future: careers in biomedical science

A biomedical science career combines new medical discoveries and cutting-edge technology to ensure we all live happy and healthy lives
STEM and law - Rachel Hews

Combining STEM with law… What’s the verdict?

The evidence is in – combining law with STEM opens up a world of career possibilities.
Health and medical science

Cutting edge careers in health and medical science

If you have a passion for improving people's lives, health and medical sciences has a rewarding, exciting career waiting for you
Climate and conservation

Study climate and conservation and drive the green revolution

So, your goal is to save the planet? There are plenty of different pathways to explore in climate and sustainability
Teach STEM

Teach STEM and inspire the next gen

Combining your STEM skills with education will keep you in demand long into the future
Healthcare traineeships

Fast track your path into healthcare with a traineeship

Here’s how to fast track your path into healthcare with a traineeship
Nuclear medicine

Meet STEM experts working in nuclear medicine

Ever been to the hospital for a nuclear medicine scan or therapy? Many of the materials we need to do these critical tests are made right here in Australia

Meet STEM experts cooking up food science careers

We chat to the people behind some of the food industry's most exciting STEM gigs. 
Medical careers

The A-Z of medical careers

From allied health assistants to zZzZz (a.k.a. sleep!) technicians, here's a list of medical careers that all use STEM skills.
Science careers advice

Video playlist: Science careers advice you can’t miss

There are so many exciting pathways to explore in science. So where to start? Right here! We've chatted to STEM experts to get their top...

STEM careers in 60 seconds: Meteorologist

Trying to figure out *weather* or not a meteorology study and career path is for you? Watch this video!

7 fun STEM careers on the water

Want a career that lets you flex your skills in the great outdoors? There are oceans of opportunities in STEM.

Earn while you learn with PwC’s Higher Apprenticeship program

Not keen on uni? PwC's Higher Apprenticeship program is all about building up your business and tech skills while learning on the job and getting paid.

6 National Science Week events you don’t wanna miss

National Science Week
National Science Week runs from August 13 to 21 and we are clearing our schedules as we type 

Match your skills to a career in Defence

Defence careers
Scan the table and choose which STEM skills you have that can take you into the Australian Defence sector – in either the public service or military roles