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Social good

Want to change the world? We’re with you. Combine STEM with your passion for social good across non-profits, start-ups, global movements and companies with a conscience.

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MORE Social good

Data careers

Doing good with data careers

Data scientists and statisticians are using their numbers knowhow to help change the world

Disaster management

5 humanitarian STEM careers

We break down some of the science, tech and engineering jobs making a massive impact on others

Fire fighter
Disaster management

5 tech careers in disaster relief

If your thing is STEM + emergency management, there are loads of behind-the-scenes positions in tech-based disaster relief.

Change the world with STEM
Social good

Video playlist: How to change the world with STEM

These videos explore how STEM pros are fighting global warming and species extinction, as well as coming up with innovative solutions to create sustainable cities of the future.

STEM inclusivity
Social good

Making STEM education + careers accessible

There is so much work to be done when it comes to inclusivity in STEM education and in STEM workplaces. Here are resources that can help.


What scientists are saying about COP26

Find out what scientists are saying about COP26 and climate change and what the UN Climate Change Conference currently being held in Glasgow can achieve.