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engineering and computer science

Bold moves

Want to make a better world? Here’s how.

food security

Smarter futures

There are many important challenges ahead of us, but science and technology will be ready with clever solutions.

science and leadership

Be agile

When a degree in science or engineering is paired with skills in business or leadership, it can lift you to the penthouse suite of professions.

Big data attack

Learn how to tackle big data to solve 21st Century problems at the University of Melbourne.


Amazing jobs with ANSTO

Follow your passion and broaden your skill set by combining your science degree with humanities, business or arts.

Monash science

Double up at Monash

Explore a range of subjects and tailor your science degree to your unique interests.

science and engineering

Combine and conquer

It takes a team of creative thinkers and skilled problem-solvers to change the world.

smartphone microscope

From phone to microscope

Australian scientists have discovered a way to transform a smartphone into a microscope using a drop of polymer baked in the oven.