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The STEM education blog, created especially for Teachers in high schools, shows you all the ways you can incorporate STEM learning ideas into your STEM programs and curriculums.

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Where does rubbish go?

Where does rubbish go?

Have you ever thought about the logistics of rubbish collection? Emil Zankov, a teacher at Pedare Christian College, shows us how you can turn data on rubbish collection into a fun classroom exercise.
computer coding

5 best coding resources for digital technologies

Stuck on the digital technologies curriculum? Don't scratch your head about learning Scratch, get ahead of the game with these resources for all skill levels, and learn to code ahead of the class.

Why I stopped teaching and started Robokids

After teaching for over 25 years in New South Wales and Queensland schools, Michele Miller stepped outside the traditional school system and started running Robokids. Here's why.
Superstars of STEM Amy Heffernan

All-female science superstars announced for 2019

60 brand new Superstars of STEM have been announced for 2019. Science & Technology Australia's Superstars program will have some of Australia's best scientists, technologists and educators inspiring women and girls into STEM careers in an effort to close the gender gap.

Companion robot trialled in Victorian classrooms

La Trobe University researchers are bringing education into the digital age with the introduction of a companion robot into special needs schools.
Mitch Resnick teaches a student

Nurturing creative thinking in school and work

Careers with STEM caught up with Mitch Resnick, the inventor of Scratch, in a wide-ranging Q&A to talk play-based learning, philosophy, programming and the importance of peers.

Have your say on STEM education

The annual Australian STEM report aims to measure progress, challenges and opportunities available country wide in STEM education. If you're a teacher, student or parent, answer this quick survey to have your say on the state of STEM education.

Paper planes, martial arts and cake: Creative approaches to science education

Paper planes, martial arts and cake make interesting new ways to approach science education! Check out the three science workshops Paper Pilots, Fight Like A Physicist and The Project Counter for your creative science inspiration.

Investment in rural education could add $56B to Australian GDP, says new Gonski report

A report from the Gonksi Institute for Education at UNSW Sydney released on Monday calculates that Australia could add more than $50B to its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by improving educational outcomes for students in regional, rural and remote areas of the country.

How a STEM teacher won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching

We spoke to Scott Sleap, winner of the Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching 2018, to find out how he's inspired Cessnock students to study STEM and prepare for the future of work in Cessnock, post mining boom.

STEMfooty: Connecting with the science of sport

Data to Decisions CRC has teamed up with the Adelaide Crows Football Club to create STEMfooty; an initiative that teaches science using sport.

Science Minister launches the fifth anniversary edition of Careers with STEM

On Friday 2nd November, the Minister for Industry, the Hon Karen Andrews, MP formally launched the Careers with STEM: Code magazine 5th anniversary edition at Palm Beach Currumbin High School. Here's all the highlights from the day.

Goodnight, sweet bot: NASA’s Opportunity Rover ends its Mars mission

After a 15 year mission to Mars that was expected to last only 90 days, NASA says goodbye to its longest serving Opportunity rover. We take a look back at some of Oppy's greatest achievements.

Australian schools could be doing a way better job of saving energy

A new survey has found Australian schools are failing to aequately track their energy usage and they represent an untapped opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint.

VIDEO: Why we need more entomologists

41% of insect species are in decline. Of that, one third are going extinct. These scary new figures show us why we need to have more entomologists.