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Study pathways

Everything you need to know about getting into and through higher education in science, technology, engineering and maths.

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MORE Study pathways

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture heroes required for new careers

Feeding the world’s growing population will take more than farmers working in regional areas. Agriculture careers are in the city too!

Parents portal

A Year 12 guide for parents

Helping your child survive and thrive at school is one part luck and three parts planning! Here’s a parent’s guide to Year 12

A-Z careers

The A-Z of going to uni

You’ve jumped through all the hoops to get to uni and now it’s real. Here’s your A-Z guide to going to uni with tips for surviving first year.

Uni electives
A-Z careers

The A-Z of uni electives

We’ve handpicked a bunch of uni electives that’ll set you up for success in whatever career you’re dreaming up for yourself


Going to uni: STEM scholarships to check out

Going to uni doesn’t have to break the bank. Plus, many of these STEM scholarships bring more than money to help kick off your STEM career