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Everything you need to know about getting into and through higher education in science, technology, engineering and maths.


The A-Z of Open Day

From campus tours to sussing out student societies, here's everything you need to know about Open Day!
Open Day Videos

Video playlist: Essential Open Day viewing

In these Open Day videos, find out what to expect from a university open day, as well as ways to make the most of them.
Open Day

The A-Z of STEM degrees

Looking for study pathway inspiration? This epic list of STEM-related uni degrees should give you some ideas

Meet three people whose lives were changed by a uni Open Day

Think you won't bother attending a university open day? Read these three stories and you might change your mind!
REnewable Energy ENgineering study career unsw australia

6 reasons to study renewable energy engineering

Want to use your STEM skills to help power a brighter future? Here are 6 reasons renewable energy engineering could be the right path...
New STEM degrees

New STEM degrees to ask about on Open Day

If you’re scoping out the campuses of the University of Southern Queensland, Flinders University, the University of Sydney, UNSW or the University of Western Australia, be sure to ask about the following new STEM degrees.
Open Day

A list of every University Open Day happening in 2022

If you’re in Year 12 university open days are a great way to check out specific courses and campuses
Uni Open Days

Physical or virtual Open Day? Some unis are doing both

If you’re in Year 12 university open days are a great way to check out specific courses and campuses. And this year, loads of them are virtual
Study tech

What it’s like to study IT at Monash University

We chat to both a recent grad and soon-to-be grad from Monash University’s Faculty of IT about their study and career paths
Wildlife conservation

Students graduate from new wildlife conservation degree 

Can’t decide behind animal science and conservation? Thanks to a new degree championed by Taronga Zoo and the University of Sydney, you can now do both

Order free copies of our new QUT STEM+X guide for your school!

Queensland schools can order up to 70 copies of our new STEM+X guide, produced in partnership with QUT.
Chippy Chick - 9 trades careers that use maths

How to land maths jobs without a degree

Looking for non-uni pathways and trades careers that use maths? Here are nine career areas where vocational pathways let you take your maths and data skills direct to employers.

Match your skills to a career in Defence

Defence careers
Scan the table and choose which STEM skills you have that can take you into the Australian Defence sector – in either the public service or military roles

5 surprising Defence careers

Defence careers
Whether it’s protecting smart tech from cyber attacks or creating fuels from algae, there’s something for everyone in Defence

Get frontline career skills in STEM + Defence

Defence careers
Looking for a career with purpose at the cutting edge of STEM? A career in Defence is a rewarding way to make an impact