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Changing Preferences

Want info about choosing your degree or changing your uni preferences? We’ve got you covered. Browse this page for our latest posts full of handy tips, insights and advice

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MORE Changing Preferences

Changing Preferences

Can I change my preferences after ATAR?

Now you’ve finally got your results, you might be wondering if you can change your preferences after ATAR. Here are your options.

Uni degrees
Changing Preferences

Your most-searched uni degrees of 2023

Need help with changing your uni preferences – and picking new ones? Here’s what you’ve been searching on

Unis in Melbourne - Monash University
Changing Preferences

Considering unis in Melbourne? Don’t miss this event

You’ve finished Year 12 exams and results are in – now it’s time to start shaping your future. First step? Check out the Monash Change Day expo this 13 December to explore your options.