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Choosing electives

Stuck on what to study in high school to get started in STEM? Stop number 1 is here, we’ve got all the insights on choosing electives in school.

Music - electives and STEM careers

Electives and cool STEM careers

From Ancient History to Food Technology, find out how electives can kickstart your STEM study and career path.
Boy points at screen choosing electives

The best advice you’ll get for choosing electives

From playing to your strengths to looking into the future, here are five things you need to know about choosing electives in Year 11 and 12.
Choosing electrives for your degree - students looking at phone

Choosing electives for your degree

Going to uni? Whether you're studying STEM or not, we've got all the advice for choosing electives for your degree.
Image provided: Vani Vasan, Year 7 student at Kardinia International College, Victoria

Study only what you want to at school? Totally possible.

Vani Vasan from Kardinia International College in Geelong takes us through the selection process of an incredible set of subjects and electives in year...
nutrition science careers

9 amazing food and nutrition science career options to stick your fork into

Science isn’t just about the periodic table. Scientists use their skills across loads of industries, including food and nutrition.
STEM electives

Quiz: Which uni electives should you choose?

Adding a random STEM elective to your subject list is always a good idea. The hard part is choosing one
Things you can do with STEM

5 amazing things you can do with STEM

Here are five amazing things you can do with STEM, plus how your choice of electives can help set you on the right path while you’re still at school.

Choosing VET subjects: what you need to know

Doing a VET subject in years 11 and 12 can help with a job and uni. Here’s what you need to know about VET in senior high school

Meet two RBA economists passionate about social justice

Meet two RBA economists who chose their careers inspired by a passion for social justice issues

Happy International Women in Engineering Day… Let’s celebrate with role models!

In the video, you'll meet a water engineer, a robotics field engineer, a graduate engineer working for Boeing, an aerospace engineer and a pavement engineer.

Video playlist: Get into science

Vanessa Zepeda - Science Videos
Want to work in science one day? Then your homework is to watch ALL of these videos!