Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Open Day

Careers with STEM In Focus Open Day

Make the most of university Open Days!

Open Day is a great way to decide what uni and degree to apply for, you might even discover a course you’ve never heard of!

Browse our Open Day content for tips and insights, and for help deciding what and where to study.

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Meet three people whose lives were changed by a uni Open Day

Think you won't bother attending a university open day? Read these three stories and you might change your mind!
REnewable Energy ENgineering study career unsw australia

6 reasons to study renewable energy engineering

Want to use your STEM skills to help power a brighter future? Here are 6 reasons renewable energy engineering could be the right path...
New STEM degrees

New STEM degrees to ask about on Open Day

If you’re scoping out the campuses of the University of Southern Queensland, Flinders University, the University of Sydney, UNSW or the University of Western Australia, be sure to ask about the following new STEM degrees.
Open Day

A list of every University Open Day happening in 2022

If you’re in Year 12 university open days are a great way to check out specific courses and campuses
Uni Open Days

Physical or virtual Open Day? Some unis are doing both

If you’re in Year 12 university open days are a great way to check out specific courses and campuses. And this year, loads of them are virtual
University Open Dayvideo

7 ways to make the most of Open Day

From campus tours to discovering university societies and clubs, get into Open Day!
STEM societies and clubs

STEM societies and clubs to check out on Open Day

From chemical engineering to cyber security, there's a STEM society or club for everyone at uni!
University Open Day

5 quizzes to help you get the most out of University Open Day

University Open Days are your chance to find out if a Uni is right for you!
uni virtual open day quiz

Are you prepped for virtual uni open days?

University open days are going virtual in 2020. Take our quiz to find out if you've done enough prep to get the most out of them.

Keen on applying for Uni? Here’s a list of Open Days to hit up

If you’re in Year 12 University Open Days are a great way to check out specific courses and campuses.
uni open day banner

We’ve got your uni open day game plan sorted

Uni open day is your chance to find out if a university is right for you. Check out our guide to make sure you get the info you need on the day!

Earn while you learn with PwC’s Higher Apprenticeship program

Not keen on uni? PwC's Higher Apprenticeship program is all about building up your business and tech skills while learning on the job and getting paid.

6 National Science Week events you don’t wanna miss

National Science Week
National Science Week runs from August 13 to 21 and we are clearing our schedules as we type 

Match your skills to a career in Defence

Defence careers
Scan the table and choose which STEM skills you have that can take you into the Australian Defence sector – in either the public service or military roles