Monday, October 18, 2021
Bragg Prize Essay

Idea starters for your Bragg Prize essay

All the inspo you need for choosing an essay topic that will blow the judges away!

How to integrate the Bragg Science Writing Competition in class

Two teachers reveal how they integrated the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing Competition in class. Get details on how to enter, this...

Top ten science writing tips that will change the way you write

If you want to be a science writer and want to learn some amazing top tips from this years' UNSW Bragg Prize judges, then...
Bragg Prize 2021 Judges

Meet the Bragg Prize 2021 judges

Aspiring to be a writer? Get your thinking caps on now! The UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing 2021 opens for entries April...

Cultured Meat: The Future of Food? 

Congratulations to Year 9 student Elena Canty for winning the 2020 UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing.

Stem Cells: Little Cells, Big Possibilities

Congratulations to Phillippe Mouawad (year 7) for being runner up in the 2020 UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing.

Winners of the 2020 UNSW Bragg Prize announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing. 

iPS Cells: The STEM of the Future

Congratulations to Jeremy Simonetto (Year 8) for being runner up in the 2020 UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing.
Preethika Mathan and Ms Rachele Rugiero Santa Sabina College UNSW Bragg Student Prize

Winning formula: How one school is using the Bragg science writing prize to challenge...

Santa Sabina College first entered the UNSW Bragg Prize in 2018 – coming away with the winning and a runner-up essay that year. We spoke to the teacher driving the school's participation about how they use the competition to challenge and enrich their gifted student cohort.

15 times the Internet summed up how we feel about starting our Bragg essays

These relatable #writersblock feels will give you a serious LOL. 
Bragg essay writing tips from judges

Bragg judges reveal their top 3 writing tips!

Want to become a published writer before you even finish high school? Read this to give yourself the best shot at winning the 2020...

Winners of the 2019 UNSW Bragg Prize announced

Are fertility tracking apps backed by science? Does automation really make us safer? Are we ready for driverless cars? Find out in these prize winning student essays

What, more study? Why grads are seeking out short courses

Australians are more likely to up-skill now than ever before – improving their skills, protecting their jobs and progressing their careers

How to launch a tech startup

Launch a tech startup
Fancy being your own boss? If you’ve got an awesome idea, you could totally do an Elon Musk and start a tech biz.

The STEM graduate’s guide to getting a job

You’re almost done with studying. Then what? We hit up Career Success Australia’s Naren Chellappah to walk us through the process