Friday, December 1, 2023
Nutrition science

Want to go to uni AND travel overseas? Study a Bachelor of Nutrition Science

When you’re hitting up all your course options at Open Day, be sure to ask about placements and study tours.

The Buzz about STEM: Breaking down tech job myths

Our podcast, The Buzz About STEM, is for parents who want to help their teens navigate the journey into study or work...

Get excited! University scholarships for women in engineering

Help is on offer with university scholarships to help you carve out your dream career and change the world with renewable energy engineering.
Professor Lidia Morawska

Professor Lidia Morawska is women in science goals

This week, Australian Professor Lidia Morawska from QUT was announced as a Laureate for the 2023 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Program... And we're cheering!

What it’s like to be a data scientist at Commonwealth Bank

Thinking about studying data science but want a sneak peek into what a day at work would look like? Watch this!
Having chosen STEM, cyber security-graduate-Christine-Vinaviles-is-in-a-position-to-demand-a-premium-for-her-skills.

How to encourage more girls to choose STEM

Want to help a student you know make the leap into a STEM career? These suggestions from those in the know could...
Aviation engineer

TAFE helping meet demand for aviation workers

With travel back on the cards for thousands of Australians this summer, there's a huge need for STEM employees in the aviation industry

Video: Celebrating women in STEM

In this video, meet five women doing amazing things in science, technology, engineering and maths.
IWD 2023

Classroom guide: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Wednesday, March 8 is international Women's Day. Dedicate your lesson plans to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in STEM
Girls Day Out in STEM Digital Country Fair

Get your FREE ticket for the Girls Day Out in STEM Digital Country Fair...

Get excited... The Girls Day Out in STEM Digital Country Fair is running from March 5-12 and entry is FREE for girls aged 10-14 years!

Graduate opportunities for women in cyber security

Are you a woman thinking about getting into cyber security? We hit up four female grads and asked them how they got there
STEM graduate

Graduate events for STEM women

STEM Women will be hosting three student and graduate STEM careers events across Australia and New Zealand this March

Project management skills are the next big thing for career success: here’s why

PMI - Project management career
Arming yourself with dynamic project management skills, you’ll always be in demand!

Careers with STEM Reader Survey: Have your say

Are we doing enough to promote STEM? What are you loving about Careers with STEM? What could we improve on? Tell us what you think

Grad options to kickstart your tech career

The apprenticeship model is taking hold in grad tech careers as employers look to build graduates with specialist tech skills.