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Engineering the dream team at Australia’s biggest bank

At CBA teamwork is critical to innovation and helps engineers make game-changing new products for the bank

With 7 million customers and more than 43,000 employees, it’s critical that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is at the forefront of new technology – not just for banking, but also to understand how their technology performs, if there are any pain points in their systems and software, and how easy it is to use.

Enter the metrics team! These graduates and engineers write code to extract data out of the tools CBA uses, including GitHub (to store and collaborate on code), TeamCity (for deploying and testing code) and Artifactory (to store the final product).

Together with senior engineers and product managers, they’re creating a tool that provides metrics and insights for managers to see how teams across the bank perform. “When you work as a team, everyone contributes to the solution,” says team member and software engineer Troy Poulter. Meet the team and get their tips on working innovatively together.

ElysÉe Ng, Graduate Software Engineer

ElysÉe N
ElysÉe Ng, Graduate Software Engineer. Image: Lauren Trompp

Creates an automated monitoring and alert tool for data extracts and data visualisations for CBA stakeholders.

TEAM TIP: “It’s okay not to know the answer all the time and to revel in the joy of the process and discovery. It’s important to share success stories and failings! Recently, our team implemented a “tips and tricks” session to highlight cool functionality the team has discovered or created and how we can become more effective and efficient engineers.”

ElysÉe’s study and career pathway:

  • Bachelor of Information Systems (Co-op), (Honours), UNSW
  • Intern placements, Westpac, PwC Australia, MSD Australia
  • Product Sales Activation, Google Australia
  • Graduate Software Engineer, CBA 

Jav Vogt, Graduate Product Owner

Jav Vogt
Jav Vogt, Graduate Product Owner. Image: Lauren Trompp

Represents the needs of the internal stakeholders and clarifies the requirements for the scrum team.

TEAM TIP: “Creating an open supportive team culture is key to unlocking the full success of the team. If everyone is comfortable sharing ideas and collaborating then challenges can be worked through with ease.”

Jav’s study and career pathway:

Michael Madry, Software Engineer

Michael Madry, Software Engineer. Image: Lauren Trompp

Works on the initial stages of extracting GitHub data and enriching with human resources data mapping. Also sets up the test environment for storing and displaying the data.

WHAT I LOVE: “One thing I love about my job is the people I get to work with! The culture of CBA fosters highperforming teams who are not afraid to have fun along the way. It’s possible to learn and extend your skills beyond your designated role – your job title doesn’t lock you into one function.

Be curious and discover what else is out there – you never know what the next opportunity will be.”

Michael’s study and career pathway:

Troy Poulter, Software Engineer

Troy Poulter
Troy Poulter, Software Engineer. Image: Lauren Trompp

Works on extracting GitHub-related metrics for software engineers.

TEAM TIP: “You don’t need to be a gun engineer or even have done engineering at uni. Tech skills are great but having the right personality is so important. Engineering is so far from the stereotype of ‘guys in the basement’. We need all personality types to make the best tools.”

Troy’s study and career pathway:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology, UTS
  • Intern Placements – CBA, WiseTech Global
  • Graduate Software Engineering, CBA
  • Software Engineer, CBA

Charlie Acar, Graduate Engineer

Creates a script that collects information on Jira (productivity software) tickets, plus acts as scrum master.

Charlie Acar
Charlie Acar, Graduate Engineer. Image: Lauren Trompp

WHAT I LOVE: “I love that as a graduate I’m supported to learn and grow. Coming from a commerce degree I was hesitant to step into an engineering role as I knew the learning curve would be steep. I am so happy I decided to go down this path as the challenge has been rewarding and I’m surrounded by a team that’s happy to help me on my journey.”

Charlie’s study and career pathway:

  • Fashion/Graphic/Education studies at UTS/UNSW
  • Switched to Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Business Information Systems, UTS
  • Graduate Agile Analyst, CBA
  • Graduate Engineer, CBA

This article is brought to you in partnership with CBA and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2021.


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