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CBA to hire 219 new tech graduates

In an effort to add to its world class tech team, Commonwealth Bank has set itself a recruitment target of hiring up to 219 new technology graduates in 2024

Thinking of studying computer science, software engineering, machine learning or cyber security but not sure where your degree could take you? Thanks to Commonwealth Bank’s (CBA) aggressive new recruitment drive, there are more graduate opportunities than ever for up-and-coming tech experts to work at Australia’s biggest bank.

Over the next year CBA plans to hire 219 tech graduates across a variety of core disciplines next year – an epic 284 per cent intake increase – with a focus on three key technology pathways: cyber security, data science and engineering.

And the coolest bit? To foster tech talent across the country, graduates are as diverse as ever – with 38 per cent based outside of the Sydney head office, including in Perth, as well as in CBA’s new tech hubs located in MelbourneAdelaide and Brisbane.

CBA Executive General Manager of HR for Operations and Technology, Jane Adams, stresses that the graduate program is a key part of CBA’s investment in developing the skills and expertise needed to support the growth of Australia’s digital economy.

“We are thrilled to welcome such a talented and diverse group of graduates to our technology team. Our program offers valuable opportunities to advance their careers, work with some of Australia’s top tech leaders and contribute to our strategy of building tomorrow’s bank today for our customers,” she says.

“We are collaborating with, and investing in, local tech communities to address the critical skills shortage in technology and maintain our country’s competitiveness. A critical part of this is supporting the next generation of tech-skilled professionals and building a world-class engineering team at CBA that is obsessed over the customer.”

Head here to apply for CBA’s 2024 graduate intake.

Keen to know what kinds of roles tech grads would have at a bank? Here are three CBA employees, with seriously next-gen roles and pathways:

1. Machine Learning Engineer

Genevieve Richards

Genevieve studied psychology and linguistics, followed by IT, before landing an awesome graduate gig at the CBA.

Genevieve has studied a lot. And not just STEM-related courses typical of her engineering role. Now working as a grad at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), she kicked off her tertiary studies with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Linguistics) at The University of Queensland, where working on a computational linguistics project sparked her initial interest in tech.

Read her full profile here to find out how Genevieve uses this interesting mix of skills in her role as a Machine Learning Engineer at the CBA.

2. Ethical hacker

Rhiannon Nee-Salvador

Trying to think like a hacker and playing Dungeons & Dragons is all in a day’s work (and play) for CBA grad Rhiannon Nee-Salvador.

Rhiannon’s role as a pen tester in the CBA’s graduate program is an important one. Often called ethical hackers, it’s the job of experts like Rhiannon to figure out where and how a hacker might break into an organisation’s computer system.

“I am passionate about privacy and preventing the erosion of our digital rights,” Rhiannon says.

Discover what Rhiannon’s 9-5 looks like here.


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