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Wondering how to land a tech job at Australia’s biggest bank? The pathways of these two tech grads might surprise you!

Tech degrees

If you’re eyeing up a career in tech, you might be wondering how to land a gig at Australia’s biggest bank. We chatted to two Technology Graduates at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia about their unique study pathways

Tech skills are in hot demand in so many sectors – but especially in banking. With 7 million customers and more than 43,000 employees, it’s critical that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is at the forefront of new technology.

Enter the tech team! Together with senior software engineers and product managers, they’re creating new products and innovations for clients to make their experiences even better.

What did they study, and what skills did they need to land their seriously cool jobs? Keep reading: you might be surprised!

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Kartin Leung, Digital Product Designer

Kartin Leung set out to be an architect – now she’s using her design skills in the digital world and hasn’t looked back

At uni Kartin loved the idea of designing beautiful houses and wanted to become an architect.

But then after graduating with two degrees – a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and a Bachelor of Computational Design – she found herself chatting to a fellow grad who had ended up as a digital product designer, and was intrigued. “I wanted to try it out for myself,” she says.

Kartin landed a technology graduate role at Commonwealth Bank. This turned into graduate digital product designer roles first at x15ventures – Commonwealth Bank’s startup accelerator – and then in the bank’s Home Buying team, which looks after home loan customers.

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CommBank careers
Next-gen product designers like Kartin might specialise in VR or 3D. Image: Lauren Trompp

Making life easier

Kartin’s role as a digital product designer is closely related to other tech roles you might have heard of: user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. As Kartin puts it, it’s her job “to make something easy and nice for a user to use”.

Right now, she is working on a portal for home loan customers, with the aim of making the experience easier and more personalised for them. Kartin says her field is evolving as technology evolves, with jobs becoming more niche. She predicts that next-gen product designers might specialise in virtual reality (VR) or 3D interfaces, or maybe even screenless systems, and she reckons artificial intelligence (AI) will have a big impact in her field of work.

Maybe Kartin will one day design a VR home, and her career goals will have come full circle!

Kartin’s pathway

  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) / Bachelor of Computational Design, UNSW
  • 2021 Technology Graduate, Commonwealth Bank
  • Digital Product Designer, Commonwealth Bank

Jackson Tait, Technology Graduate

Jackson Tait wasn’t sure what career he wanted to pursue, only that he was all about innovation – and, for that, he’s now on the perfect path

Jackson says he enrolled in a Bachelor of Technology and Innovation after high school because “it involved design thinking, was experimental and brand-new at the time”.

His first real introduction to coding wasn’t until he kicked off his degree with a subject in basic coding. Thankfully, he “had a blast”.

After uni, Jackson landed a graduate position at Commonwealth Bank, where he’s working on artificial intelligence (AI) used in the bank’s networks. He sees AI as a super-exciting area for innovation, with “lots of emerging opportunities for data scientists and ethical considerations into how we interact with AI”.

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Tech careers
Jackon’s advice to fresh tech grads? Experiment, explore and research areas you’re interested in. Image: Lauren Trompp

Disability networking

While Jackson is loving his work on AI, his job at has also given him opportunities to explore other areas he’s passionate about. For example, he recently worked on a networking forum for Commonwealth Bank employees with disabilities.

“I have a disability myself and always wanted to chat and connect with other people with disabilities,” says Jackson, who is profoundly deaf in both ears and wears a Cochlear implant.

Jackson’s career goals include one day launching a new tech startup.

His tip for young people setting out on their own career journeys? “Definitely experiment, explore and research areas you’re interested in.”

Jackson’s pathway

  • Digital Accessibility Ambassador, UTS
  • Bachelor of Technology and Innovation, UTS
  • 2021 Technology Graduate, Commonwealth Bank

This article was brought to you in partnership with Commonwealth Bank and was originally published in Careers with STEM: Technology.

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